I have been a Certified Arborist since 1991 and actively involved with the Tree Care Industry for over 42 years. I am a Board Certified Master Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and a Registered Consulting Arborist with the American Society of Consulting Arborist. In 2015 I retired as the assistant Division Head in the Urban Forestry Division for the City of Los Angeles which manages one of the largest street tree populations in the nation. Prior to coming to the City of Los Angeles I was the owner / operator of Neighborhood Tree Service and shortly thereafter I started consulting on a part time basis. In 1999 I started consulting on a regular basis and that’s when we changed our name to Neighborhood Consulting Arborist. Then, due to the increase in Court Case work we started our current company Tree Case Management in 2010.

Our Mission Statement

To provide our clients with expert witness testimony and the finest representation in dispute resolution on fires cases, legal cases, insurance cases, and residential cases.

Our Areas Of Expertise

We are a professional arboricultural consulting firm providing analysis, testimony, and litigation support services in evaluating damages and developing cost appraisals. Clients include attorneys, corporations, government agencies, neighborhood councils, property managers, landscape architects, and professions within the construction industries. We have successfully completed over 1200 cases throughout California with services ranging from wild land fire expert witness testimony to specialized landscape damage loss analysis, and tree root & infrastructure management conflicts.

Legal Case Work:

  • Expert Witness Work
  • Fire Case Litigation
  • Damage Loss Assessment
  • Insurance Case Work

Tree Inventories:

  • Tree Inventory & Management Plan
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Communities
  • Private Properties

Tree Reports:

  • Protected Tree Reports
  • Oak Tree Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Damage Loss Reports

Tree Case ManagementTree Case Management

Trees in our developed environment present a challenge, requiring careful planning and vigilant maintenance.
Tree Case Management (TCM) is dedicated to the enhancement of your community and the protection of the environment. TCM is the preeminent authority on matters related to root and infrastructure damage, tree preservation and retention, and tree & plant health care, ensuring through our expertise and objectivity the safety, preservation, functionality and beauty of your natural surroundings. The shared public trust of governments, businesses and homeowners is to ensure that tree plantings grow, thrive and remain safe. When a problem occurs, if a tree causes damage or becomes a public safety hazard, a source for advice and mediation is often needed. This is the role of TCM to bring a comprehensive, objective viewpoint to the diagnosis, appraisal and evaluation of arboricultural issues.

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